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Merley First School

Year 1

Useful Websites for Year 1 Children

Here are some links to websites to support your child's learning at home. Attached below is a document with details of more websites that can be used and information about which year group they best support. 


Bug Club

Bug club has access to ebooks which are of the relevant reading level for your child.  There is now also access to spelling, punctuation and grammar activities matched to the year group's learning.  Use the tabs at the top of the 'My Stuff' section after logging in.

They should have a copy of their login details including the school code which is kmsq. 



Numbots is a new resource made by the creators of timetable rockstars. It supports recall of number facts and your child should have login details. In order to get the best out of NumBots children should regularly play for short bursts so we would ask you to give them 5 minutes a day.


Phonics Play

Phonics play has activities that support the blending and reading of words. There are also activities to sort real and nonsense words. 


ICT Games

ICT games has lots of games to support maths and English skills including ‘Little Bird Spellings’ for common exception words and ‘Balloon Flight’ for adding 3 numbers together under 10. 


Top Marks

Use Daily 10 for a set of questions to check recall of number facts. Level 1 will give appropriate questions including number bonds to 10. You can choose a time limit or set ‘manual’ to go through the questions at your own pace. 


BBC Bitesize

Continue your learning on Pirates with this fun interactive activity which will recap our learning on seasons and you may even learn something new!


Daily Workout with Joe Wicks

Joe Wicks is offering a workout on his youtube channel everyday at 9am for 30 minutes. These activities have been specifically designed for children. Please be mindful that youtube has links to other videos and adverts that may not be appropriate. 


Phonics Tracker

Phonics tracker has lots of games which link to phonics learning and you can select the appropriate sounds.



Audible has released a number of audiobooks for free. You can access them via this link 


Big Cat Library

Collins Connect are offering their Big Cat library of online books for free during school closures. Included are read aloud versions and interactive comprehension questions following their Big Cat Scheme.

Go to

Click on the Teacher portal and enter


Password  Parents20!

And click  Login


Open the Book Live! 

In the normal assembly slot on Wednesday at 10:10 the team at the lantern church will be sharing a story live on the lantern families facebook page. Please follow this link if you would like to hear this week's story of Zacchaeus.


Elevenses With The World of David Walliams

Every day at 11am, you can listen one of David Walliams’ World’s Worst Children stories, so sit down, take a break, and enjoy 20ish minutes of pure fun!