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Merley First School

Rabbit Class

Teacher - Mrs Baldwin

Teaching Assistant - Mrs Frampton.


Hello everyone,

Well, you have been working at home for 2 weeks now!  I hope you are making sure your families are behaving themselves.  Do your parents know what a conjunction is yet? : )

I went outside at 8pm last night and clapped for all the key workers who have been working hard for us all.  Did you clap?  Have you seen all the rainbows in people's houses?  Have you put a rainbow up?  if you have,  don't forget to send me a picture of it.

Below are some fun activities for you to complete over Easter.  I cannot wait to make an Easter basket!

Take care.  Mrs Frampton and I are always thinking of you.

Mrs Baldwin 





Happy April Fool's Day!

Monday, 1 April April Fools' Day 2020 Quotes, Pranks, In Islam ...

How are you?  I miss you all but know you will be trying to complete some of the challenges set by us before we left school and looking after your families.

This morning, I went for a run before I started working and helping my children with their learning.  It was my exercise for the day.  I ran all the way to Wimborne and back and then looped around Merley.  It gave me lots of energy to complete jobs as home.  If you are lacking energy, go out in your garden or do the Joe Wicks workout - it will make you feel great! This is a picture that I took of the river.  It looked beautiful!  Can you see the swan?  I also saw a herron.

I'll message soon.  Remember you can always email me.  

Mrs Baldwin :)



Happy Monday!

Wow - I've just checked Bug Club and lots of you have been busy reading - well done! 

We made a banana cake at home this weekend, what did you get up to?  

Anyway, as we start our second week at home, I thought I'd brighten your morning with a joke!

What do you call an alligator detective?

An investi-GATOR!   : )

I thought you'd like that one - he he he! I'll ask Mrs Frampton for one for later in the week.  

Take care,

Mrs Baldwin 



Hi Rabbits,

I have some very exciting cress news.  Before we knew school was closing, we planned a science investigation to answer the question, "Do plants need light to grow and be healthy?'' We made predictions after planting our cress seeds.  Some of you predicted that the cress in the dark would look exactly the same as the cress in the light.  Some of you thought that it wouldn't grow at all.

Well, I brought the cress home and I put one pot at the back of my kitchen cupboard, in the dark, and the other on my kitchen window ledge in the sunshine.  I have uploaded some pictures for you to see.  They are with the documents below.  

What do you notice? Which one do you think grew in the dark and which one in the light? Did you predict correctly? Email me, if you would like, with any thoughts and reflections. 

Take care,

Mrs Baldwin



The sun is shining again today and this morning, I drank my cup of tea in the garden listening to the birds.  Have you been in the garden or for a walk with your family? There are lots of flowers blooming and I know Mrs Wheeler will be very impressed if you learn some of their names. 

How is your learning going? Have you taught your parents anything? Remember to do a little each day but also to spend time playing and being creative. I'd love to hear what you have been up to. You can always email me, my Merley email address is at the top of the page.  

Mrs Frampton also sends smiles and waves.  Remember we are all connected by our invisible string. 

Take care Rabbits,

Mrs Baldwin



Good afternoon Year 2.  We hope you have had a fun day learning and playing at home. 

Which tasks have you completed?  Is your cress growing well?  

Remember to be Heartsmart to your family because 'too much selfie isn't healthy!'

Keep smiling!

Mrs Baldwin and Mrs Frampton

Please ensure you are continuing to read regularly with your child at home and that their book and reading record are in school every day.

Please see below parent information and learning letters.