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Merley First School

Rabbit Class

Teacher - Mrs Baldwin

Teaching Assistant - Mrs Frampton.


Well hello to you all!

I am really looking forward to seeing some of you tomorrow (Monday) for our socially distanced catch-up!  I bet you have all grown.  I have been so impressed with your resilience and determination every time I have seen you, emailed you or spoken to you.  You are an amazing group of children. Very soon, you will become the Year 3 pupils at Merley First School.  I will miss you all but you will only be across the corridor so I will still get to see your faces and have a chat and I know that Miss Stone and Mrs Wheeler are so excited to teach you.  I hope you are feeling excited but it is also absolutely normal to feel nervous or worried.  Just talk about your feelings with an adult at home and know that everyone at Merley will make sure you feel settled in September. 

Enjoy this week's Woodland learning.  There are some fabulous activities on there. Just so your parents are aware, when the planning was uploaded on Sunday, BBC Bitesize had not added online activities for Wednesday, Thursday or Friday.  If these appear during the week, feel free to do them.

Keep safe and take care!

Mrs Baldwin


I hope you have all had a great weekend!  We have walked a dog, made cakes and watched films this weekend.  

A big thank you to everyone who has been using our class dojo page.  It is fantastic to hear from you and I hope you all enjoyed our fitness video on Friday.  

This week's work has an art theme.  We have decided to focus on one artist for the week but of course, you are welcome to explore other artists or look at Van Gogh in more detail after we studied his Starry Night painting in class. 

Look after yourselves.  I miss you all.

Mrs Baldwin



Happy Sunday!

I am really enjoying using our class dojo page and it has been lovely to see some of your work and messages as you have shared them with me.  I have awarded a few dojos and I hope to award lots more this week. 

This week's home learning focus is on 'National Sports Week'.  We have included some fun sports activities but you could also tell me about the sports you like to play or find out a bit about your favourite sport star.

I have found out that football is the most popular sport in the world and is played by more than 270 million people! Wow!

Remember that tomorrow is the deadline for emailing me with your friend list for next year.  The classes are starting to be organised this week. 

Enjoy your learning this week!

Mrs Baldwin


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