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Merley First School

Meet the Team

School Leadership Team

Headteacher: Mrs K Anstey

Deputy Headteacher:

Assistant Headteacher:

Mrs C Waldron

Mrs R Baldwin

Office Team

Office Manager: Mrs N Daunt
Office & Inclusions Administrator: Mrs K Harvey
Site Manager: Mr I Watts

Early Years Team 

Reception Butterfly Class Teacher: Miss C Laws
Reception Butterfly Teaching Assistant: Mrs L Donald
Reception Ladybird Class Teacher: Mrs K Riley
Reception Ladybird Teaching Assistant: Miss S Coates

Key Stage One Team

Year 1 Sparrow Class Teachers: Miss S Legge
Year 1 Sparrow Teaching Assistant: Mrs K Barnett and Miss O Snape 
Year 1 Robin Class Teacher: Miss K Thomas and Mrs E Wheeler
Year 1 Robin Teaching Assistants:

Mrs J Mills

Year 2 Hedgehog Class Teacher: Miss C Rowley
Year 2 Hedgehog Teaching Assistant: Mrs D Barnett
Year 2 Rabbit Class Teacher: Mrs R Baldwin
Year 2 Rabbit Teaching Assistant: Miss L Merrison and Mrs Johnson (Miss Jolly)

Key Stage Two Team 

Year 3 Kestrel Class Teacher: Mrs C Waldron and Mrs H Walker
Year 3 Kestrel Teaching Assistant: Miss E Atkinson-Coates
Year 3 Owl Class Teacher: Miss E Gover ( Mrs Morris)
Year 3 Owl Teaching Assistants: Mrs Harris and Mrs Kearn
Year 4 Badger Class Teacher: Miss A Stone
Year 4 Badger Teaching Assistants: Mrs Fitzgerald
Year 4 Fox Class Teacher: Miss C Parkin
Year 4 Fox Teaching Assistants: Mrs E Fortnum
Higher Level Teaching Assistants: Mrs T Stevens, Mrs R Priest Mrs R Upton

Inclusion Team

Inclusion Leader: Mrs C Waldron
Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator: Miss S Leftwich
Pastoral Support Worker: Mrs N Luddington
On Maternity Leave: Miss Jolly and Mrs Morris