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Merley First School

Wimborne Town Council D-Day Poetry Competition

Today in assembly, the children were told about Wimborne Town Council’s Merley poetry competition to commemorate the historic events of D-Day.

D-Day, is one of the pivotal moments of World War II.  It marks the courage and sacrifice of countless individuals who fought for freedom and peace. It is essential that we continue to honour and remember their bravery, ensuring that the legacy of D-Day lives on for future generations.

The poetry competition is open to students of all ages and abilities, and there will be separate categories based on age groups to ensure fair participation. The poems will be judged based on creativity, relevance to the theme, and overall artistic merit. Participating in this competition provides an excellent opportunity for students to develop their writing skills, deepen their understanding of history, and engage with their community. Additionally, selected poems may have the chance to be featured in local publications or events, further amplifying the voices of our young poets. 

Details of the competition:All students are encouraged to write one poem of any length on D Day

The poem should have the writer’s name, age and school on the back of the submitted poem.

Please hand to Mrs Baldwin by Friday 10th May 2024.