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Merley First School

Academy Committee Members

Welcome to the Academy Committee Members section of the Website

The Academy Committee Members are a vital part of the school partnership and their role at Merley is to assist and support the headteacher and staff, together providing the best possible education, environment and opportunities for all the children. We work closely with the Trust, teachers, non-teaching staff and parents.

Some tasks of the Committee Members, in conjunction with the headteacher are:

  • Agree the aim and values of the school
  • Assist in the creation and review of the School Development Plan
  • Review school policies
  • Set and monitor the school budget
  • Appoint staff
  • Ensure the National Curriculum is taught and that the needs of individual children are met, including those who have special needs
  • Establish and maintain positive links with the local community
  • Have a published strategy for dealing with parental complaints

General Aims:

  • To ensure a more efficient use of Members' time by sharing the workload
  • To be well briefed and ready to assist the whole Governing Body on complex issues
  • To provide a smaller forum for members’ individual contribution to detailed discussion

MEMBERS 2017-18

Chair of Committee
Mr Geoff Bates
Vice Chair
Miss Kate Lewis
Mr Alastair Tyndall 
Mrs Jane Newell
Mrs Verity Brooks
Mrs Olga Everden
Mr Ieuan Weir
Mrs Pauline Lawrence
Staff Representatives
Mrs Anita Clulow
Jane Phillips

Full information about our members can be found below.


Please click the link below to read biigraphies about our Members and Trustees.